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To work on campus individuals must be admitted to BYU-Idaho as degree-seeking, fully matriculated students and be at least 16 years old. Starting Spring semester 2014 Online, Continuing Education, Concurrent and Non-matriculating students are not eligible for student employment positions. To work as a student employee, individuals must carry at least 6 credits during an on-track semester to qualify as a student employee and to meet the IRS guidelines for the Student FICA Exception. Original forms of ID (no faxes, copies, etc.) must be used in order to complete hiring paperwork.

Job Title:  Lab Assistant Department:  Student Health Center: Ancillary/Lab
This job posting is no longer available

Duties:  Assist Lab Manager in phlebotomy; performance of streptococcus, mononucleosis, urinalysis, tuberculosis, and other tests; and organization and restocking of Lab. The purpose of this position is to strengthen the connection between the Lab and the health care providers to ensure that tests are completed in a timely manner.
Requirements:  AT LEAST 6 MONTHS OF EXPERIENCE WITH PHLEBOTOMY IS PREFERRED. EXPERIENCE DRAWING BLOOD AND PHLEBOTOMY CERTIFICATE. Ability to think critically, communicate clearly, multitask, keep organized, manage time wisely, behave professionally, practice hospitality, provide responsible leadership, fix problems without prompting from others, and work well in groups. Basic understanding and working knowledge of computers. Must be available for two consecutive semesters.
Beginning Date:  Jul 27, 2015
Hourly Wage:  8.50
Hours per Week:  15 (approximate)
Work Schedule:  M-F, will be arranged
How to Apply:  Email resume, cover letter and tentative class schedule to healthcenterlab@byui.edu. **Training will begin this semester. May work 10-20 hours per week depending on circumstances. Pay between 8.40 - 8.75. Priority will be given to those who can work during Summer Break.

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