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M-F  01:00 PM - 05:00 PM Contact Information:
   BYU-Idaho Surplus
168 ASB
   Rexburg, ID 83460-8020
   (208) 496-2615
Bids Close Payments Accepted:
  THURSDAY at 12:00 NOON Checks, Credit Cards.

Surplus Sale Items

All items on quick sales will be available on the above dates.

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Item NumberQtyDescriptionConditionPrice/BidQuick/BidImages
754754 cushioned office chairsUNKNOWN$5.00EAQuick
731781 Staples 4.7GB 16X DVD-R Spindle (3 piece)GOOD$0.12AMTQuickImage
7501421/2 circle tablesGOOD$5.00EAQuick
73336114 Glass Vases 9" tallGOOD$1.75EAQuickImage
7545811948 Edition of Hymnbook of The Church of of Jesus Christ Latter-day SaintsGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
7316911pcs 16mb FUJIFILM XD picture Memory CardGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
7533312 drawer lateral file cabinetFAIR$20.00EAQuick
73335120 Vases per box, one set 9" tallGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
75298122 Oz Stainless Steel Top Water Bottle (Blue/Plastic)GOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
73179113-ring binders (vary in size)GOOD$0.12AMTQuick
7546218GB BLUE USBGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
7318018-Pack Verbatim Brand Blank Logo CD-R CDR 80POOR$0.25AMTQuickImage
754571Acer Computer ChargerGOOD$8.00EAQuickImage
754631ACIL Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Sports Earbuds with USB cordGOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
754481Airpods charging caseGOOD$15.00EAQuickImage
753181Airpods' charging caseGOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
752951Airpods charging case with green coverGOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
753161Airpods with wireless charging caseGOOD$55.00EAQuickImage
754281Aja FS 2 Universal Synchronizer/ConverterFAIR$500.00EAQuick
745611AKG Earbuds BlackGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
745311Alfani Stretch Quarter-Zip Size M Dark GrayGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
754651Android phone chargerGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
753281Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug - WhiteGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
745301Athletic Works Sweatpants Gray Size SmallGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
752764Atlas in-ceiling loud speakerEXCELLENT$22.50EAQuickImage
754071Atomos Ninja Assassin cracked screenPOOR$25.00EAQuick
754051Atomos Shogun Flame 4K cracked screenPOOR$25.00EAQuick
752094ATS Acoustics Rigid Fiberglass Board, 2inchFAIR$9.00EAQuickImage
753071Aviator SunglassesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
754181Avocent AMX 5130 KVM Switch 0270297835FAIR$65.00EAQuick
733741B&L external light source for a microscopePOOR$1.25EAQuickImage
742681BCG Zip-Up Black Jacket Size SmallGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
754211Behringer X Air XR12 S1505150BI6GOOD$350.00EAQuick
746031Big Black Bubble Lenses SunglassesGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
754371Black Cap and Gown. Gown Size: 6'01"-6'03"GOOD$15.00EAQuickImage
754401Black Cat-eye SunglassesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
746531Black HeadphonesGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
746611Black Hearing Aid Left EarGOOD$1.75EAQuickImage
754441Black Metal Hydroflask with Blue Small Flex BootGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
753092Black SunglassesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
754461Black Wedding Band (Men)GOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
754411Blender Bottle: Transparent with blue lid oz ~20GOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
754431Blender Bottle: Transparent with pink lid oz ~20GOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
754511Blue and Silver with inscription inside.GOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
746951Blue Mainstays Stainless Steel Water BottleGOOD$0.50EAQuickImage
746631Blue Shorts Size XXLGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
747761Book Concepts of Ecology second edition by Edward J. KormondyGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
747751Book Crop Growth and Culture by Roger L. MitchellGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
747801Book Food for us all The Yearbook of 1969 AgricultureGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
747731Book Gardens in Glass Containers by Robert C BaurGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
747791Book Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Field N Crops by K FageriaGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
747771Book Let's Grow Tomatoes by Dr. Jacob R. MittleiderPOOR$1.50EAQuickImage
745511Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Teacher's ManualGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
747711Book Plant Diversification Second Edition by Theodore DelevoryasGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
747691Book Supervision: A behavioral View by Ned Rosen ISBN 0882440179GOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
747781Book The Good Guide by Alison L GrinderEXCELLENT$2.50EAQuickImage
747741Book Western Fertilizer HandbookGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
754381Book: American Foundations: Politics, by 2nd Economics, Culture Hyrum Lewis EditionGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
753021Book: An Introduction to the History of by Psycology B.R. HergenhahnGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
747721Book: An introduction to the Principles of Plant Physiology by W. Stiles and EC CockingGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
745481Book: Daughters in My Kingdom: History of R.S.GOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
742481Book: Flying Lessons & Other Stories Edited By Ellen OhGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
753051Book: Looking at Dances by ValerieGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
753201Book: Looking at Dances by Valerie Preston-DunlopGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
753001Book: Looking Out Looking In by Ronald B AdlerGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
745501Book: Positive Thinking For A Brighter by Outlook WilsonGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
753011Book: Sports Psychology by Catherine A. SandersonGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
745492Book: Teachings of Presidents in the Church: Lorenzo SnowGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
753041Book: The China Quarterly (March 2020 Edition)GOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
753031Book: The Scandal of Money by George GilderGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
754101Box of camera and power supply cables andGOOD$10.00LOTQuick
754111Box of replacement parts for Lowell tota and lights Lowell tripodsGOOD$10.00LOTQuick
746361Broken Apple iPhone 7 BlackPOOR$80.00EAQuickImage
753081Brown SunglassesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
752801Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding RingGOOD$65.00EAQuickImage
752931BYU-I Approved T-shirt Size MGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
745351BYU-Idaho Approved Clothing Size S Dri-Fit Grey Short-Sleeve ShirtGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
745811C.C. Blue Beanie with Orange SpecksGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
754261Camera BagFAIR$10.00EAQuick
753241Candy skull black and red headphonesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
751911Catalyst 6500 ChassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
754551Champion Hoodie Size M, Black and GreyGOOD$7.00EAQuickImage
751681Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751691Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751701Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751711Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751721Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751731Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00EAQuick
751741Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751751Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751761Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751771Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751781Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751791Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751801Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751811Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751821Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751831Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751841Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751851Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751861Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751871Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751881Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751891Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751901Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751921Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751931Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751941Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751951Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751961Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751971Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751981Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
751991Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
752001Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
752011Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
752021Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
752031Cisco 6500 series chassisGOOD$150.00UTQuick
753721CISCO IP Phone 7911GOOD$20.00EAQuick
730911Clean master extractorUNKNOWN$150.00EAQuick
50232763COMPUTER - KeyboardsGOOD$5.00EAQuick
51847687COMPUTER - MiceGOOD$2.00EAQuick
46633463COMPUTER - Power CordsVARIES$1.00EAQuick
528041033COMPUTER - USB Printer CablesGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
753702Crane wall hung sinkEXCELLENT$60.00EAQuickImage
733912Cutting block with heat lamp attached, worksGOOD$12.50EAQuickImage
744911Dakota turf tender 440EXCELLENT$16,000.00EAQuick
748181EarPods with 3.5 mm Headphone PlugGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
752971Engraved Wedding BandGOOD$30.00EAQuickImage
711095Euphonix Fader Bay 408UNKNOWN$2,700.00EAQuick
754201Extron Distribution Amplifier A02HC0GFAIR$30.00EAQuick
754131Fujinon XS8X4ASXB8 Wide angle zoom lens for So PMW-EX3UNKNOWN$600.00EAQuick
754271Furman voltage meter M-8DxFAIR$100.00EAQuick
754521Gerry Black Jacket for Men Size LGOOD$7.00EAQuickImage
752781GO AIR JLAB WIRELESS EARBUDS with chargingGOOD$15.00EAQuickImage
747509Golf Clubs - 3 WoodVARIES$0.75EAQuickImage
747401Golf Clubs - 5 IronVARIES$0.75EAQuickImage
7474313Golf Clubs - 6 IronVARIES$0.75EAQuickImage
7474514Golf Clubs - 8 IronVARIES$0.75EAQuickImage
747469Golf Clubs - 9 IronVARIES$0.75EAQuickImage
747487Golf Clubs - Pitching WedgeVARIES$0.75EAQuickImage
747471Golf Clubs - Sand WedgeVARIES$0.75EAQuickImage
742571Graduation Cap BlackGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
5857143Gray RCA AudioVARIES$1.00EAQuickImage
746081Gray Small BucketGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
754601Gray Sweatshirt Size L Brand: MercantileGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
753411Gray Wheel lift model wl30EXCELLENT$8,500.00EABid
754681Green Beads NecklaceGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
754721Green Plastic Water BottleGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
753271Grey BYU-I Winter HatGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
753811HP 15 Black Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753821HP 15 Black Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753831HP 15 Black Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753731HP 17 Tri-color Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753881HP 17 Tri-color Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753891HP 17 Tri-color Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753751HP 23 Tri-color Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$40.00EAQuick
753771HP 23 Tri-color Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$40.00EAQuick
731711HP 2-Buttons Scroll Wheel PS/2 Optical MousePOOR$0.37EAQuickImage
753841HP 45 Black Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753851HP 45 Black Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$30.00EAQuick
753781HP 78XL Tri-color Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$12.00EAQuick
753801HP 78XL Tri-color Ink CartridgeEXCELLENT$12.00EAQuick
753791HP c8091a staple cartridgeEXCELLENT$5.00EAQuick
754421HP Computer ChargerGOOD$8.00EAQuickImage
754561HP Laptop Charger 65 WGOOD$8.00EAQuickImage
726281Hydraulic Reservoir with cart reservoir dims. 22" wide 18" deep 20" highGOOD$50.00UTQuickImage
731611iClicker Base StationPOOR$0.50AMTQuickImage
731621iclicker Base Station with Computer Cable -GOOD$1.25AMTQuickImage
752861iPad Air 4th Generation Pencil 10.9" withGOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
752991iPad or Tablet Otterbox caseGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
7547653Jenny Lounge chairsUNKNOWN$25.00EAQuick
753121JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless Earbuds + Charging Case (Does not include right earbud)GOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
746991Just One You Made by Carter's 6M Swimming Shirt GreyGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
754491Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 8GB USB 2.0 DTSE9H/8GBZGOOD$4.00EAQuick
743061Kip 7100 Digital PrinterVARIES$75.00EAQuick
745451Knit Gray BeanieGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
523036LAPTOP - Small AC AdaptorsFAIR$5.00EAQuickImage
5230430Large AC AdaptorsFAIR$15.00EAQuickImage
752841Lenovo Laptop Charger Model ADP-45DW BGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
746561LG Adapter Cord BlackGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
746551Logi Small USB BlackGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
733901Long clear plastic storage containers 5 X WGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
754171Mackie premium analog mixer ONYX 1220FAIR$150.00EAQuick
752921Man Swimming Shorts Brand: Speedo Size M and (Blue, white, Grey)GOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754061Manfrotto 190XB TripodGOOD$10.00EAQuick
754048Manfrotto 190XB Tripod with 128RC headGOOD$30.00EAQuick
754145Manfrotto 190XB Tripod with Manfrotto 701HDV flGOOD$30.00EAQuick
754082Manfrotto 322RC2 Photo tripod pistol gripsGOOD$10.00EAQuick
754291Marshall monitor V-R820P-2CFAIR$25.00EAQuick
753871Memorex CD-R 22 packEXCELLENT$3.00CASQuick
753261Metallic Woman Ring Size 7GOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
753421Miller 250 twin tig 3 phaseGOOD$250.00EAQuick
754711Natural Gemstone Mix Raw Stone BraceletGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
745801NEF Burgundy BeanieGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
745361Nike Biker Shorts Size 36 Black and GreyGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
753211Nike Black Jacket Size LGOOD$7.00EAQuickImage
743751Nike Flights Shoes Blue Size 10.5GOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
754541Nike Hoodie, therma fit Black. Size LGOOD$8.00EAQuickImage
743721Nike Shoes Cleats Black Size 13GOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
752961Nike Woman Swimming Suit (Blue Navy) Size 34GOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
752791NIXON Time Teller A045-100m Water ResistantGOOD$30.00EAQuickImage
753761OIC 2 unit stackable Wall File SystemEXCELLENT$12.00EAQuick
745401Old Navy Active Black Zip-Up Jacket Size XSGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
754501onn. True Wireless Earbuds, WhiteGOOD$6.00EAQuickImage
752811ORO Traditional Domed Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring SIZE 11 OR 12GOOD$65.00EAQuickImage
754301Own compact Blu-ray playerFAIR$60.00EAQuick
742721Perspectives on Psychological Science JournalGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
746001Pink Binder FCS 207 PorfolioGOOD$0.25EAQuickImage
754691Pink HeadphonesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
753101Pink sunglassesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
740571Plain Black BeanieGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
739601Plain Black Headphones with Pink EarGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
752871Plastic Water Bottle 16OZ Gray LidGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
753141PNY Elite Turbo Attache USB flash drive - - 256 GB USB 3.0GOOD$20.00EAQuickImage
753151Power adapter model US2018GOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
747861Purple H2go FedEx Plastic Water bottleGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
745711Quartet Easel StandGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
754251Radeon HD 5770FAIR$15.00EAQuick
754231Radeon pro WX 3100FAIR$200.00EAQuick
754241Radeon pro WX 3100FAIR$200.00EAQuick
58227103RCA Audio cablesVARIES$1.00EAQuick
754451Red Plastic Blender BottleGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
730062Red Sylvania fluorescent light bulbGOOD$2.50EAQuickImage
746931Rogue Gym ClampGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
752771Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, True Wireless 5.0GOOD$25.00EAQuickImage
754641SanDisk Mini Memory Stick 8GBGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
7487537SeaChanger w/ ETC Source Four BodyGOOD$160.00EAQuick
751561short file cabinet 30H x 15W x 30 LPOOR$6.00UTQuickImage
738651Silicone Gray Ring Size 8GOOD$0.25EAQuickImage
742741Silver Ring with Stars Around It Size 10GOOD$0.25EAQuickImage
753231Simple Modern Midnight Black Summit Water Bottle with Flip LidGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
753131Skullcandy Earbuds with Mic - Red and GreyGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
754661Skullcandy Green/blue HeadphonesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
754611Skullcandy Jib True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds with Microphones (Blue) (Missing Right Earbud)GOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
745021snow ex salt spreader for a 4 wheelerGOOD$300.00EAQuick
752131Solid Oak 6 drawer flat file, some drawers stickFAIR$37.50EAQuickImage
746251SONY Earbuds Grey CaseGOOD$0.25EAQuickImage
739591Sound Core Wireless Earbud Right Side Only WhiteGOOD$0.50EAQuickImage
745441Speedo Women's One-Piece Swim Suit Pink Size 16GOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
752821Square Large EaringsGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
753691Stainless Steel bar sink 15" x 15"EXCELLENT$50.00EAQuickImage
753711Stainless steel tub sink 24" x 24" x 14" deepEXCELLENT$600.00EAQuickImage
754471Staples 16GB USB 3.0 Flash DriveGOOD$5.00EAQuickImage
753221Stars golden braceletGOOD$0.50EAQuickImage
711781Steelcase Vertical Filing Cabinet - 5 drawerGOOD$12.50EAQuickImage
752831Sterling Silver Ring and Golden Ring Size 7GOOD$8.00EAQuickImage
754094SunPak photo tripod pistol gripsGOOD$10.00EAQuick
754125SunPak photo tripod pistol gripsGOOD$10.00EAQuick
746651Swede-O-Universal White Brace Size MGOOD$0.50EAQuickImage
752856Swimming GogglesGOOD$2.00EAQuickImage
754321Tango 24; 24-bit converter systemFAIR$300.00EAQuick
754191Telex wireless microphone antennaGOOD$20.00EAQuick
754311Telex wireless microphone antennaGOOD$20.00EAQuick
730881tennant carpet extractorUNKNOWN$125.00EAQuick
730941tenneant extractorUNKNOWN$125.00EAQuick
754531Texas Instruments TI-36XGOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
745161Textbook: Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen PryorGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
742491Textbook: Modern Art and Propaganda HUM 214 Readings 2016GOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
754151Toshiba DVD video recorder DR430 B23M69144U6300FAIR$10.00EAQuick
746121TOZO Bluetooth Earbud Black Case OnlyGOOD$1.25EAQuickImage
752881TUMBLER METAL CUP (Gray. 20 OZ)GOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754161Tvone LM-1042rFAIR$100.00EAQuick
745561Type C Adapter Black CordGOOD$0.50EAQuickImage
746751Uiisiii Pink HeadphonesGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
745291UNCSW Blue Shirt Size MGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
743851Urban Expressions Gold Crossbody BagGOOD$0.50EAQuickImage
684714Uvex Brand GogglesGOOD$7.00EAQuick
754221Vaddio preVIEW Dual 6.4 - Model Number 999-5500-002FAIR$80.00EAQuick
52769103VGA CablesGOOD$1.00EAQuickImage
745171Water Bottle Plastic Blue 23 oz.GOOD$0.50EAQuickImage
754361Water bottle: Black Bubba 24oz Trailblazer Push-ButtonGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754341Water bottle: Black HydroFlask 20oz with lid blue and silicone Boot Sleeve ProtectorGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754351Water bottle: Black TAL 24ozGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754731Water bottle: Blue HydraFlow 30ozGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754331Water bottle: Grey ThermoFlask 24oz with silicone boot protectorGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754391Water bottle: Light purple HydraPeak 32ozGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
754741Water bottle: Neon Pink HydraFlask 32ozGOOD$3.00EAQuickImage
7527428Western Digital 2.0 TB HardDriveGOOD$7.50EAQuick
746971White Neewer 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote in box originalEXCELLENT$1.25EAQuickImage
745831Wild Fable Green MittensGOOD$0.75EAQuickImage
754671Wireless Sports Earphones Brand Hottips with USB charger cableGOOD$10.00EAQuickImage
751571Work desks 30 H x 48 L x 24 WPOOR$3.75UTQuickImage
742691Worthington Coat Gray Button-Up Size LGOOD$1.75EAQuickImage
746391YW Medallion GoldGOOD$0.25EAQuickImage
753061Zeroxposur Jacket for Man Size XXL (Black)GOOD$7.00EAQuickImage